Life so far

20 05 2012

3.20 — “HELLO” Screening

My proudest film to date. Titled inspired by a HYDE song. I was very organized with this one, Call Sheet + Shotlists. Remember to avoid working with people with mad ADD.

3.25 — L’Arc~en~Ciel

My ultimate dream came true… to see my #1 favorite band to perform live and I didn’t even have to fly to Japan. This was the worst family trip to the East Coast, but I kept sane long enough to get to see the rainbow at the end.

4.11 — Hawaii Flight Ticket

After seeing L’Arc for the first time, I just knew I had to see them one more time. I fear that their time together has been getting shorter and shorter and I don’t want to run the risk of them disbanding before seeing them again. I didn’t have the intention to go to Hawaii, but Carpe Diem & YOLO. I will face the consequences afterwards no matter how bad they will be. Thanks to Calvin, Brandon, and Keny for spotting me on this.

4.14 — L’Arc Hawaii 5/31 Show Ticket

I bought my plane ticket so I was worried as hell that I wouldn’t be able to get the actual concert ticket because I know it will be a sold out show. Luckily, I managed to get a section F ticket. Close to ken again, wanted tetsuya side more but whatever, L’Arc, here I come again.

4.18 — Got a blogger job over at

It is almost surreal. Good things just keep happening. I had a bad streak for awhile but things began to brighten up. I met some of these people back in November 2011 during the L’Arc~en~Ciel L’20 screening over at LA Rave 18. Fast forward 5 months, they asked me to blog for them. One of the few reasons why I became proud of being a Media Cultural Studies major.

4.27 – 4.28 — Drove to SB, watched Roger’s and Peter’s PL competition

Mini-road trip, drive there and back sucked, but it was worth seeing two good friends and inspired me to compete in the near future. I am glad I kept my words to Roger about being there and capture the moment.

5.2 — 1st Day of “ALONE EN LA VIDA” Production

Began production of my 3rd senior short film entitled “ALONE EN LA VIDA” French? for… Alone in the Life. Title inspired by a L’Arc song from their KISS album.  Had the shortest help of hands but we managed to pull through. I am glad to have Frugo still by my side after all these years. Great guys. Also, first time casting a female in my short film. lol The lovely Jacqueline did a fantastic job.

5.4 — 2nd Day  of “ALONE EN LA VIDA” Production

Main focus was on Sam. Got to work with Ryo, the Japanese Foreign Exchange student. Great DP!

5.5 — 1st Day of “The Digital Specs” Production

Jared Nelson hit me up to be his boom operator for his upcoming Rockumentary. I told him I’m a noob and he still was willing to welcome me with open arms. I am thankful for that. Fun shoot.

5.6  3rd Day  of “ALONE EN LA VIDA” Production

Right after I got back from The Specs shooting, it was 11pm. Had to organize the shoot for the 3rd day and it was a 6am shoot. Had about 3.5 hours of sleep. Again, glad to have Frugo by my side again. Tough shoot, went way over time. Brought back a friend I met at a Long Beach shoot, Dontae. Splendid actor. My second female cast, Sandy, did a great job for her first on-screen role. Eddie surprised me with his directing skills.

5.10 — Phil 002 2nd Midterm

I hate midterms. Biggest reason for me stressing was this. No idea why. I just hate studying. Glad it is over.

5.12 — 2nd Day of “The Digital Specs” Production

Short day for me since I had to bounce early. Fun shoot again.

5.15 – 5.18 — “Dancer” Production Week

Director of Photography & Assistance Director

5.18 — 1st KawaiiKakkoiiSugoi Meeting

Might be going to Anime Expo 2012

5.10 Final Day of “ALONE EN LA VIDA” Production

Done shooting!

That’s it for now. Just wanted to jot down these days because I feel it has been the most productive time of my life. There’s more to come. Helluva lot more.


8 05 2012

Dusting off the ol’ blog. Revamping this to a much more personal blog. A lot has happened, let’s see how long I can keep this up for lol

Lady In White

20 03 2011

Helped my friend shoot her project for one of her classes. Cheesy B-Film. Don’t expect too much lol.

Hiatus? Still?

14 11 2010

I apologize for neglecting this blog for a couple of you who are keeping up with me. No lie, I have been pretty busy and not much film stuff has happened. Well there are some things that are planned but I do not want to reveal anything as I don’t know if the plans will fall through or not. Rest assured, my hands are getting itchy for some filming. I just need to straighten out my priorities in life right now and hopefully by Winter Break I can get some balls rolling.

Right now, I recently got a job at my school’s Theater Facility Unit. Well, I cannot really consider it my job because the hours are not fixed. I have to basically fight for hours every week if I want to work. So far… 0 hours…

Hopefully I can get a new part-time job as a projectionist. My interview is on Monday. Crossing my fingers for this one!


That’s all the updates I have so far… For now… enjoy this picture of me… lol


Pizza Madness finally released + …

4 04 2010

I have finally completed putting Pizza Madness together after… 8 months!!! Yes, it is unusual for me to release something after so long. Normally a film made would be edited right after the shoot but unfortunately, for Pizza Madness, it did not quite turn out that way.

Really, I have no excuse. I was lazy after all the summer films we have done and figured I would finish it up during the start of school. Big mistake. Not only was I swamped with work, but there were a few untaken care business such as finishing up the PSA. Not to give off any impression that Pizza Madness was not being worked on, during the two quarters I was in school, I have found someone who would compose scores for the film. Thanks to Mike Marino, Pizza Madness is now equipped with original scores! So over Spring Break, I have placed in the scores thus releasing Pizza Madness! Without further ado…

YouTube: (not available yet)


Thoughts and commentary of Pizza Madness will be up hopefully by the next blog post…

Last but not least… Happy Birthday to Roger Ngo! One of the founders of tbh productions! 4/4/2010. To celebrate, here is the ORIGINAL version of The Surprise the non-Xanadu’d version.

Lothian Oscars Aftermath

7 03 2010

As mentioned in the earlier posts, Ten-Story Tombstone was submitted to a small film festival called Lothian Oscars. However, there was hardly any competition because only two other films were submitted and received trophies regardless. Our film was awarded with a trophy, 2 Regal movie tickets, and a $25 BestBuy Giftcard.

Although there was no place, Ten-Story Tombstone was highly praised. A couple people spoke to me after the event and said they were completely blown away by the film. I can’t take all the credits, it was mostly Le, Allan, and Bryan’s hard work and of course, Mitch Devin’s great acting. So big congrats to them and I will present these awards to Frugo Productions soon. I won The Departed DVD from the raffle that they had so that’s a good enough prize for me.

Apology + Music Videos

1 03 2010

I must apologize for such an utterly crap post I wrote last time. I didn’t elaborate  as much as I should have on the film festival. So let me redo it again:

Ten-Story Tombstone will be participating in Lothian Oscars, an event sponsored by UCR RHA members and it will take place this coming Friday night, March 5th at 10PM. I will definitely look forward to watching some student-made films and hope I will see some good ones.

Aside from the film festival, I’ve been thinking about making concept music videos to build up some skills. Similar to what we did for Hold Me Tight, I want to make music videos with songs that already exist and we just lip/play-sync. The point is to just be familar with the camera techniques and for sheer fun. I have a couple of ideas running in my head and I would like to get it on video. Maybe this time, I will include drums to complete the band set and make it more realistic. I don’t know. I need time to flesh out my ideas some more and I hope to start on it around Spring. This should help prepare for a music video that I might do with a up-and-rising hip-hop artist. Nothing is set in stones, but that’s what we’re hoping to do over summer. One thing for sure is that I will be including a lot more shots and angles to this next music video, unlike Hold Me Tight where I have a medium-long shot of the band. Nonetheless, Hold Me Tight is still a favorite of mine, it’s embarassing but I love it. Again, here’s Hold Me Tight.

Ten-Story Tombstone to participate in Lothian Oscars!

24 02 2010

Ten-Story Tombstone is going to participate in one of UC Riverside’s dorm film festival. Wish us luck!

“Pizza Madness” almost finish + PSA Aftermath + DSLR Camera

18 01 2010

Over the break, Allan, Bryan, and I color corrected Pizza Madness and now it’s on the original score stage. I have found someone to help us and I trust that he will be a fantastic job for us. Hopefully, it will be done by April. Looking forward to entering it in UCR’s ASPB Film Festival again this year! Not expecting much in terms of actually winning, but really, for exposure and criticism.

(oh the irony)

By the way, the screening of the PSA went well. Wasn’t a full crowd, had many technical difficulties, but in the end, the PSA was shown and got some pretty warm response from the audience. I actually felt pretty comfortable during the Q&A, too comfortable that I hog the mic for a good 10min. I felt pretty bad for not letting the others speak out. All in all, it was an eye-opening experience for me as well as Allan. However, I think the best thing about this screening was that it actually led us to another gig. No news on it now, but it’s been a recent dream of mine to work on something like this.

(See me right there? Hogging the mic? =/ )

(Allan Me Greg, representing the crew)

(Group picture with the Producers, Actresses, and some of the crew)

*special thanks to D’Antony for taking pictures of the event* *head over to for some sick beats*

Good news for me is that I’m finally getting a DSLR camera. The Canon Rebel XSi. It was on sale on Amazon and thought I should take advantage of the great price. Yeah, it’s nothing compared to the newly released 7D, which by the way, blew me away with it’s amazing 1080p video. Makes my Canon Vixia HF100 look like a joke. But anyway, I’m just glad I’m finally getting a DSLR of my own. I’ve had the chance to get one before, but I was pretty stupid back then to want a cheap digital camera all because it could fit in my pocket. With the DSLR, I can finally update my equipment page with some photos.

(Canon Rebel XSi)

To conclude this blog, Happy MLK Day.

Girl on Girl Concepts PSA Premiere!

30 11 2009

The screening of our “secret” Public Service Announcement is going to take place on December 4th, 2009. tbh productions + Frugo Productions + Girl on Girl Concepts have shot a PSA promoting the NEW symbol for Women.

Join us for the first ever premiere in Riverside, CA. Meet the producers, the actresses, the filmmakers(that’s us!), and many other like-minded women. (Men are also welcome)

When:  Friday December 4th, 2009


Where: Coffee Roasters

              5223 Canyon Crest Dr. (in the Canyon Crest Towne Center)

              Suite #20

              Riverside, CA 92507

 RSVP:     …bring your friends!! (not necessary, but encouraged)

For more info, contact: